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Private and welcoming spiritual community to explore tarot, the esoteric and all things magic.

About Us

About Cosmic Tarot Sisterhood

A powerful space, devoted to the creative magic of Tarot and the esoteric, hosted by Rebel Heart Tarot and The Book of Tarot author and tarot queen Alice Grist. A place to connect, learn your life through the cards, meditation, astrology, the elements and other spirited magic to create your path forwards, forge friendships and spiritually grow.

Why You Should Join Us

The Cosmic Sisterhood is a burgeoning and generous space for people looking to explore their lives using daily, accessible spiritual tools. Lead by acclaimed and 'down to earth' spiritual author and tarot queen Alice Grist, this space allows for personal evolution, meaningful connection and  meaningful interaction. 

A Big Thanks

Thankyou for being here and entrusting this space with your spiritual adventures. Your being here allows for greater depth, new conversations and a space to gather. Join for weekly tarot teachings direct to your inbox, monthly full moon workshops and beautiful connection with like-minded souls.